Photography Tips

Useful Mobile Photography Tips

How to Take Better Photos With your Mobile

Mobile photography is the art of photography that involves taking pictures/photos using a mobile device such as a smartphone. Of course, anyone can take a mobile device such as a phone and take a photo, but it takes a skilled person to take great pictures. If you have an iPhone, you can take great pictures by just following simple steps and guidelines. You just need to know more about focus, composition, exposure and photo editing among others. We will discuss several essential tips and techniques that every mobile photographer should know:

1. Clean the lenses

If you want to take great photos, you need to clean the lenses. Of course, your iphone spends a lot of time in your hand, pocket or bag. This will attract dirt, dust, fingerprints and grease on the lenses thus affecting the quality of the picture/photo. Always ensure the lens is clean before taking photos.

2. Set the focus

Setting the focus is necessary if you want to take great photos. Always ensure that the object is in sharp focus. If you have an iPhone and would like to set the focus, you just need to tap the screen as you put the subject in the frame on the subject.

3. Adjust the exposure manually

When you tap on the subject you want to focus, and your camera will use the focus point to set exposure in the shot you’re planning to make. Exposure means how dark or bright the image is. If you want to take a good picture, you need to adjust the exposure

4. Never use the zoom

iPhone features a zoom function that you can access by stretching or pinching your two fingers on the screen. This is not an optical zoom but a digital zoom. Digital zoom allows you to effectively crop the image. Avoid zooming because zooming affects the quality of the picture.

5. Keep the camera steady

When you’re taking photos, you should always keep the camera steady. If you shake while taking pictures, the quality will be poor and blurred. It is important to keep the camera steady when you’re taking photos at night or in low light. Avoid making any movement while taking photos.

As soon as you have done all that is necessary, you can start shooting pictures. These tips will help you become a great mobile photographer. If you have an iPhone or any other mobile device, you can take great photos by just following these simple tips.…